We believe the world would be a better place if everyone achieved his or her best potential. Finding a job or an academic institution that is right for you is the first step to achieving your best potential.

Our aim is to help individuals succeed in his or her next application whether it is for an entry-level position or to a C-level promotion. Lucky CV is an experience-based solution that provides professional review and/or preparation of application documents and coaching for applicants to professional and academic positions.

Unlike many other online CV services, Lucky CV provides tailored content and design for you in accordance with your sector, experience and applied position or role. It makes your side of the hiring process collaborative by providing you an expert to walk with you through the hiring and acceptance processes.

Let us help you land the next opportunity you are pursuing.  

Lucky CV is owned and operated by Nerdic, a London based consultancy, design and development business. For your questions please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact pages.

Good luck!